The Overlord's Bride

The Overlord's Bride by Margaret Moore

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Margaret Moore

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England (H)

by Margaret Moore
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-29159-0
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

'Twas Murder Most Foul. . . Or Was It?

Lord Kirkheathe's first wife was dead, and though his liege lord deemed him guiltless, rumor yet tarred his reputation. Now Elizabeth Perronet found herself his newly wedded bride with a question of her own: If Raymond D'Estienne were truly no savage, how had he unleashed in her things so . . . untamed and wild?

Treachery, Thy Name Is Woman!

Os so believed Raymond D'Estienne, courtesy of his late wife. What, then, was he to make of the remarkable Elizabeth Perronet, fresh from the convent and determined to change his life - in ways he'd never dreamed!


    "You are now man and wife in the eyes of God and by the laws of the kingdom. You may kiss your bride, my lord."
    Raymond glanced at the man sharply. He didn't want to kiss her. Not here, in the crowded hall, and indeed not ever.
    Kissing reminded him too much of Allicia.
    "It is to seal the promise, my lord," the priest whispered nervously. "It is not strictly necessary, but the people will be disappointed if you don't."
    He didn't care if they were or not.
    Suddenly his bride grabbed his shoulders, turned him toward her and heartily bussed him on the lips.
    He couldn't have been more surprised if she had a drawn a knife and threatened to kill him.
    She leaned close. "I want everyone to know I am wed to you of my own free will."
    Now what could he possibly say to that?

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