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Don't mind the clock, time has no meaning for true love so join We Really Dig Time Travel Romance Novels as we slip through time across The High Seas to England and Scotland of the middle-ages and 18th century, or anywhere in between. We should hire a guide for 19th century England and Scotland or take an old-fashioned boat trip to America and tour the West of the 1800's. We could just hop back to the 20th century. For something different we could stay in the present or spend our time half now and half then, or see what the Future holds.

Click on the name to get a description and cover art of the book. I will be adding to the list. Feel free to come back often. Readers can recommend their favorite books and authors to us.

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The High Seas:

Once a Pirate The Pirate's Woman On a Wicked Wind Time-Kissed Destiny

Once a Pirate - Susan Grant
The Pirate's Woman - Madeline Harper
On a Wicked Wind - Linda Jones
Time-Kissed Destiny - Constance O'Day-Flannery

Middle Ages - 18th Century:

The Pleasure Master Somewhere in TIme The Last Buccaneer My Timeswept Heart Dreamcatcher Across a Moonswept Moor Forever His

The Pleasure Master - Nina Bangs
Somewhere In Time - Barbara Bretton
The Last Buccaneer - Lynn Erickson
My Timeswept Heart - Amy J. Fetzer
Dreamcatcher - Dinah McCall
Across a Moonswept Moor - Julie Moffett
Forever His - Shelley Thacker


Bewitching Familiar Lady of the Night Sixpence Bride The Highwayman Once a Cavalier A Once and Future Love The More I See You Unforgotten Touch on Enchantment A Knight to Cherish The Circle of a Promise

Bewitching Familiar - Caroline Burnes
Lady of The Night - Cordia Byers
Sixpence Bride - Virginia Farmer
The Highwayman - Madeline Harper
Once a Cavalier - Linda O. Johnston
A Once and Future Love - Anne Kelleher
The More I See You - Lynn Kurland
Unforgotten - Tamara Leigh
Touch of Enchantment - Teresa Medeiros
A Knight to Cherish - Angie Ray
The Circle of a Promise - Helen A. Rosburg


The Enchantment A Love Through Time A Matter of Time Tempting the Highlander - Robbie MacBain and Catherine Daniels Everything in its Time Love's Timeless Dance A Slip in Time A Dance Through Time Night Lace Kiss of the Highlander The Highlander's Touch MacGregor's Curse

The Enchantment - Pam Binder
A Love Through Time - Terri Brisbin
A Matter of Time - Terri Brisbin
Tempting the Highlander - Janet Chapman
Everything in its Time - Dee Davis
Love's Timeless Dance - Vivian Knight-Jenkins
A Slip in Time - Kathleen Kirkwood
A Dance Through Time - Lynn Kurland
Night Lace - Emma Merritt
Kiss of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning
The Highlander's Touch - Karen Marie Moning
MacGregor's Curse - Julie Palella

19th Century


The secret to time travel has finally been discovered A Taste of Heaven Reflections in Time A Love For All Time The Heart Remembers Runaway Time My Irish Enchantress Bridge Over Time Frankly My Dear Sweeter Savage Love Times Healing Heart Mystic Memories A Wife in Time Distant Dreams River of Dreams Love Across Time Here and Then There and Now Anywhere You Are A Time For Love Time-Kept Promises Timeless Passion Phantom in Time - Opera singer is haunted by the voice of a murdered tenor Tryst in Time Come Back My Love - Prentice Angelle, Olivia Montgomery Awaken, My Love The Last Cavalier

A Love Out of Time - Rick Adkins
A Taste of Heaven - Barbara Benedict
Reflections in Time - Elizabeth Crane
A Love For All Time - Sandra Davidson
The Heart Remembers - Sandra Davidson
Runaway Time - Deborah Gordon
My Irish Enchantress - Julia Hanlon
Bridge Over Time - Brenda Hiatt
Frankly, My Dear - Sandra Hill
Sweeter Savage Love - Sandra Hill
Time's Healing Heart - Marti Jones
Mystic Memories - Susan Leslie Liepitz
A Wife in Time - Cathie Linz
Distant Dreams - Jenny Lykins
River of Dreams - Jenny Lykins
Love Across Time - Anne Meredith
Here and Then - Linda Lael Miller
There and Now - Linda Lael Miller
Anywhere You Are - Constance O'Day-Flannery
A Time For Love - Constance O'Day-Flannery
Time-Kept Promises - Constance O'Day-Flannery
Timeless Passion - Constance O'Day-Flannery
Phantom In Time - Eugenia Riley
A Tryst In Time - Eugenia Riley
Come Back My Love - Sylvia Rochester
Awaken, My Love - Robin Schone
The Last Cavalier - Heather G. Pozzessere

American West:

A Whisper in the Wind Feather in the Wind The Angel and the Outlaw Under A Prairie Moon Windmills in Time A Woman's Touch Across the Rainbow My Heavenly Heart Dangerous Waters Timeless Warrior When Lightning Strikes Once a Gambler The Outlaw Heart Desperado's Gold Only Time Will Tell Forever and Beyond Blue-Eyed Bandit Once an Outlaw Once a Rebel Bushwhacked Bride The Cowboy The Outlaw Blue Moon A Moment in Time Another Dawn

A Whisper in the Wind - Madeline Baker
Feather in the Wind - Madeline Baker
The Angel & The Outlaw - Madeline Baker
Under A Prairie Moon - Madeline Baker
Windmills in Time - Victoria Bruce
A Woman's Touch - Bernadette Carr
Across the Rainbow - Victoria Chancellor
My Heavenly Heart - Christine Dorsey
Dangerous Waters - Amy J. Fetzer
Timeless Warrior - Georgina Gentry
When Lightning Strikes - Kristin Hannah
Once a Gambler - Carrie Hudson
The Outlaw Heart - Vivian Knight-Jenkins
Desperado's Gold - Linda Jones
Only Time Will Tell - Sherry Lewis
Forever and Beyond - Penelope Neri
Blue-Eyed Bandit - Stobie Piel
Once an Outlaw - Debbi Rawlins
Once a Rebel - Debbi Rawlins
Bushwhacked Bride - Eugenia Riley
The Cowboy - Kristine Rolofson
The Outlaw - JoAnn Ross
Blue Moon - Dawn Stewardson
A Moment in Time - Deb Stover
Another Dawn - Deb Stover


The Imposter To Tame a Rogue

The Imposter - Elaine Fox
To Tame a Rogue - Linda Kay


Beyond Forever

Beyond Forever - Debra Dier

20th Century:

Another New Year's Eve Broken Wings Bushwhacked Groom - Lucky Lamont and Molly Reklaw The Way To Yesterday

Another New Year's Eve Phyllis Houseman
-Broken Wings Sylvie Kurtz
Bushwhacked Groom Eugenia Riley
The Way To Yesterday Sharon Sala

The Hero or Heroine come to present day:

Night Games Charming the Highlander Loving the Highlander Wedding the Highlander The Last Highlander The Moonstone Beloved Warrior It's About TIme Timeswept Rogue Quinn's Way Time and Tide Then and Now The Pirate Not Quite an Angel A Little Time in Texas A Reluctant Rogue Breath of Magic This Time Forever Here and Now Timepool The Desperado The Knight The Pirate and His Lady

Night Games - Nina Bangs
Charming the Highlander - Janet Chapman
Loving the Highlander - Janet Chapman
Wedding the Highlander - Janet Chapman
The Last Highlander - Claire Cross
The Moonstone - Claire Cross
Beloved Warrior - Judy Di Canio
It's About Time - Charlotte Douglas
Timeswept Rogue - Amy J. Fetzer
Quinn's Way - Rebecca Flanders
Time and Tide - Eve Gladstone
Then and Now - Willa Hix
The Pirate - Kate Hoffmann
Not Quite an Angel - Bobby Hutchinson
A Little Time in Texas - Joan Johnston
A Reluctant Rogue - Pam McCutcheon
Breath of Magic - Teresa Medeiros
This Time Forever - Constance O'Day-Flannery
Here and Now - Constance O'Day-Flannery
Timepool - Susan Plunkett
The Desperado - Patricia Rosemoor
The Knight - Sandy Steen
The Pirate and His Lady - Margaret St. George

Half in the present / Half in the past:

A Knight in Shining Armor Flashback A Window in Time An Echo in Time As You Wish Tempest in Time

A Knight in Shining Armor - Jude Deveraux
Flashback - Terri Herrington
A Window in Time - Carolyn Lampman
An Echo in Time - Sherry Lewis
As You Wish - Jennifer Malin
Tempest in Time - Eugenia Riley