Time Without End

Time Without End Linda Lael Miller

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Linda Lael Miller

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by Linda Lael Miller
November 1995
ISBN 0-425-14060-1
$5.50 U.S. / $6.99 Can.
Series - Vampire

From his first passionate encounters with love and death in the dark days of the fourteenth century to his dazzling fame as a master of illusion in modern-day Las Vegas, Valerian could never escape the joys and anguish of human desire. It was his fate from the beginning ... Shattered by the loss of his one true love, the enchanting Brenna, Valerian surrendered his soul to the haunting solitude of endless night. Now, once every century, his beloved Brenna returns in human form: a lusty tavern maid, a singer in seventeenth century London, a courageous woman of the Old West. And with each new life, she awakens the lost tenderness in his heart, the most human part of his soul... But this time, as the new millennium draws near, Valerian vows never to lose her again. No matter what the sacrifice.

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