The Souless

The Souless by Leslie Burbank

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Leslie Burbank

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by Leslie Burbank
Echelon Press
ISBN 1-59080-242-X
$11.99 US / $17.99 Can.

An unlikely hero

Mordred Soulis is the Chosen One, whom legends claim will save the world from great evil. There's only one problem. Before Mordred can become the hero of mankind, he must first learn to embrace the vampyre within.

A forgotten race

With the help of a mysterious order, the king of immortals, and a shape-shifting companion, Mordred is set on a dangerous course that will either save the human race, or destroy it.

A timeless struggle

Journeying across the sands of the Byzantine Empire to the Pyramids of Egypt to the Highlands of Scotland, Mordred will meet the Dark On, who is both his creator and the Soul Stealer he has become. To become the champion of mortals, Mordred must first accept his vampyre self, something he once vowed never to do.

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