Master of the Night

Master of the Night by Angela Knight

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Angela Knight

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by Angela Knight
October 2004
ISBN 0425198804
Series - Mageverse

American agent, Erin Grayson has a new mission: romance international businessman Reece Champion. Seducing the handsome millionaire could put her that much closer to the revenge she craves against a murderous organization.

Erin doesn't realize she's being manipulated by the very group she hunts. Champion is actually an agent of the U.S. government.

He's also a vampire

Reece senses the latent supernatural powers hidden within Erin, powers as dangerously irresistible to him as her lush body and hot blood. Yet he also knows that yielding to their mutual desire will make them pawns in a deadly game - a game in which their opponent is, quite literally, a monster.

To survive, Erin must embrace talents she never knew she had - and trust a man who is 'Master of the Night'.

If you love the stories of Camelot and you love paranormal romances Angela Knight is an author to read. In 'Master of the Night' her second 'Mageverse' book, her first story being in 'Hot Blooded', she gives us a fairytale setting with humor and a sexy adventurous plot.


First Contact

    She studied him over the rim of her champagne. "You sound like a gambler, Mr. Champion."
    "Oh, yes. Are you?"
    "Only for high stakes." Her eyes shuttered, lashes curving against her creamy skin as she sipped. "Nothing less is worth the trouble."
    "Or gives the same kick." He smiled slowly. "Would you like to step out on the balcony with me? It's a little crowded in here?"
    Particularly for what he had in mind . . .
    Erin eyed him in pure admiration. "Oh, you've got talent."
    He grinned. "Well, yes. But that doesn't mean I'm not sincere."
    A blond brow rose. "Are you trying to get me into bed, Champion?"
    "Yes." Testing, he ran his fingertips over the curve of her bare shoulder. "How am I doing?"

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