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Love Bites by Lynsay SandsLove Bites

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by Lynsay Sands
Love Spell
ISBN #0505525534
$6.99 U.S. / $9.99 Can.. / $14.95 Aus.
Series - Argeneau

It'll Getcha

True Love:
Good From The First Bite . . .

Etienne Argeneau's three hundred years of bachelorhood were at an end. Either that, or he'd be forever alone. He could only "turn" one human in his lifetime, and  most of his kind reserved that power for creating a life mate. If he turned the wrong woman . . . But what choice did he have? He had to save Rachel Garrett. He didn't know her very well, but the beautiful coroner had saved his life. To save hers he would make her immortal.

. . . To The Last

Rachel Garrett awoke surprised. All she'd wanted was to get off the night shift at the morgue; now here she was staggering to her feet naked and in a strange place. But everything would be all right. She'd just make like a bat out of - Then she saw the man of her dreams emerging from his . . . coffin? And the look in his bright silver eyes said they'd be spending a lot of time together. She just hoped he tasted as good as he looked.

The story begins before 'Single White Vampire' but ends after. This is another light hearted look at vampires not to be missed.



    The man was obviously mad. Beautiful but mad, Rachel thought grimly as she crossed the room to the set of double doors she hoped was a closet.
    "Look," he said soothingly. "I realize this is upsetting, confusing and perhaps -"
    Rachel spun. "Confusing? Upsetting? What could be confusing or upsetting? You're a vampire. There's a madman out to get you, but he accidentally axed me, so you turned me into a vampire too. Now I'm a soulless bloodsucker damned to walk the night and suck neck." Rolling her eyes, she turned back to the closet. "I have to get out of here."

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