Ivona Knight, Vampyress

Ivona Knight, Vampyress by Shannon Leigh

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by Shannon Leigh,
Chippewa Publishing,
April 2005,
ISBN: 1-933400-12-7 (Electronic)
$3.00 U.S.
Cover Artist - Beckie Pack

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by Rebecca Daniels
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN #0-373-27131-X
$4.50 U.S. / $5.25 Can.

Bound by a promise to rid the earth of her enemy's kin, and cursed to harbor the beast that drove the horrid Prince of Walachia to perform unspeakable acts of cruelty upon her loved ones, Ivona Knight has spent the last five hundred years fulfilling her pledge to obliterate the Dracula line - but she has done so with a price. She dares not develop friendships or fall in love, her engagements are nothing more than a temporary indulgence; for who-so-ever lingers by her side eventually falls to the lure of The Evil residing within her tainted soul.

Trapped inside a remote tavern by the hammering storm, which has cut off the electricity and continues to blast the walls outside with torrential waves of rain, wind, and hair-raising thunder, Ivona, along with a dozen or so other patrons, pass the time by telling stories. Although she has no interest in the coveted prize, Ivona hopes to gain insight on her latest prey. But as she conveys her tale, she senses a familiar presence emanating from one of the others, one that stirs emotions deep within her which only one other has ever evoked. Has Ivona found her next target? Or has she become the hunted?

For 'Ivona Knight, Vampyress' calling Shannon Leigh an author is too tame a word, something better would be a Master Story Teller as this book pulls you in and makes you believe you are in the room with Ivona as she tells her story and you watch the reactions of everyone in the room. We Really Dig Romance Novels is putting this one on our keeper list. Ms Leigh we are grateful you decided to send us this book to review, Thank You.

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