Edge of Twilight

Edge of Twilight by Maggie Shayne

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by Maggie Shayne
ISBN #0778320227
$6.99 U.S. / $8.50 Can.
Series - Wings in the Night

His name is Edge, and he is the last of a band of Immortals who have been hunted down and murdered by Frank Stiles - an enemy determined to unlock their deepest secrets. Vengeance has become Edge's obsession. To claim it, he must find the young woman whispered to be the Golden Child.

A legend among the undead, Amber Lily is the only half human, half vampire ever born, and is possessed of power even she is unaware of. Amber alone understands the dangerous threat of Frank Stiles. Only she may hold the key to his vulnerability . . . and his doom.

Amber shares Edge's need to get to Stiles. But she needs to keep him alive for reasons of her own. Edge is exciting and dangerous, and despite her own instinct for self-preservation, Amber is drawn into his hunt. In doing so, she will cast her fate to the wings of the night, to a passion that may be her destiny, to an evil she may not be able to defeat - to the edge of twilight where only the Immortals belong.


Oh God, she'd just hit someone with her car!

    She felt the impact, the thud, saw the form bouncing off the hood of her car. She jammed her foot on the brake and jumped out of the car.
    He moaned . . .
    "Please be all right," she whispered. Amber opened her senses, probing his mind for pain. But what she found there shocked her so much she jerked away.
    "You're a vampire!"
    "That doesn't mean I'm not hurting like hell right now," He rose from the pavement with a limp.
    Amber sucked in a breath so fast she hurt her lungs. It was him! The vampire in her dreams! Her mind screamed. It's death he brings you.
    He closed the remaining distance between them and extended a hand. His touch was like a jolt of electricity.
    "They call me Edge."

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