Death Calls

Death Calls by Caridad Pineiro

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Caridad Pineiro

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by Caridad Pineiro
Silhouette Nocturne
December 2006
ISBN 0373617534
$5.25 US / $6.25 Can.
Series - The Calling

Darkness calls to humans, as well as vampires . . .

When FBI agent Diana Reyes fell in love with Ryder Latimer, she knew that there were things she would give up. For the passion her vampire lover brought into her life, it seemed a fair trade.

Now she isn't so sure. The darkness vampires walk in wakes something inside her, something that frightens her even as it excites. Something that makes her wish for a more "normal" life.

Ryder understands her fears . . . and has fears of his own: of losing her, of the void that would fill him without her.

But when a case draws Diana into a purely human darkness, Ryder must make a decision: Can he let her go? Or will he step between her and death, no matter if she hates him afterward?

'Death Calls' - Book 4 of Caridad Pineiro's "The Calling" has an edgy darkness not seen in many books We Really Dig Romance Novels has read. The charactors of this book have to look at their demons, figure out how to move past them, and find happiness. This romantic suspense novel with it's intense emotions is one that shouldn't be passed by.

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