Deadly Inheritance

Deadly Inheritance by Jayelle Drewry
Deadly Inheritance by Jayelle Drewry

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Jayelle Drewry

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by Jayelle Drewry
Liquid Silver Books
May 2007
ISBN #978-1-59578-501-5
$4.75 U.S.
New Cover - artist April Martinez

Locked away. Hidden. Caged.

Starved and driven to the brink of madness. Ivan Tepes is the prisoner of a mad man. It is in the dark of his prison that he learns patience and feeds his need for revenge. Roderick will pay for what he has done.

Gabrielle Murray dreaded returning to her deceased step-father's castle, yet there she must stay until the estate is settled. Wandering the catacombs, she hears a man call for help. Pushing aside the stone door of an ancient tomb, she thought to save a life, not lose her own.

Bloodlust and hunger drive him to attack. Reluctant gratitude and remorse will cause him to do the unthinkable. Share his immortal blood. If she lives through the conversion he'll be back.

Previously released from Triskelion Publishing. Deadly Inheritance has been re-released from Liquid Silver Books.

We Really Dig Romance Novels has always had a special place in our hearts for vampire romances but it is seldom that there is a book that touches the heart like Deadly Inheritance. Although it is a short 56 pages you wouldn't know it by the way the author brings the characters and romance to life. In the two, Waking Annabel and Deadly Inheritance, that we have read from this author she has done wonderfully in writing short erotic stories. Reading this story confirms our opinion that this is an author to keep an eye on.

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