Stairway To Heaven

Stairway To Heaven by Shannon Leigh

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Shannon Leigh

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by Shannon Leigh
Amber Quill Press
August 2005
ISBN: 1592794149 (Electronic)
$6.00 U.S. Cover by Trace Edward Zaber

When Rhea, a biologist for Providian Pharmaceuticals, is sent to search for a suspected cure for cancer in the mighty Amazon Forest, she finds a whole lot more than just a myriad of exotic wildlife and lush vegetation. Shortly after arriving near the Huitoto village, Rhea starts seeing a tall, dark-skinned man with the body of an Adonis and eyes as decadent as the richest of chocolates. Funny thing is, no one else can see him. The scientist in her demands a logical reason for Valos?s existence, but when he invades her dreams and awakens the pent up desires sheltered deep within her soul, the woman in her can?t deny him. Struggling to maintain her crumbling sanity, she must discover if this man, who calls himself the Guardian of the Stairway To Heaven, truly exists and can fulfill the biggest needs of her heart, or if he?s just a figment of an overactive imagination, brought forth by her latest failed relationship.

Starting with Ms Leigh bringing the Amazon jungle to life and after the long plane ride that has Rhea, and you, thinking Rhea could be seeing things, to the rest of the sexy and creative story that also has wonderful secondary characters, reading this book is a good way to spend a couple hours. This definitely isn't your typical romance. Ms Leigh we are grateful you decided to send us this book to review, Thank You.

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