Interview with romance author: Nina Bruhns

Nina Bruhns - Romance Author

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Would you please introduce yourself and tell us what made you decide to write romance?

I'm Nina Bruhns, and I've written 9 romantic suspense books for Silhouette Intimate Moments, and 2 more as Nikita Black which are erotic romance. I decided to write romantic suspense as soon as I read my first romance, which was about 7 years ago. I've always loved mystery, but had shied away from romance because of the prejudice out there against these books. Then I took a class in Women's Fiction, and learned that most of the authors I really loved had all started out writing category romance. So I tried one and I was hooked. Eight weeks later, I'd finished my first novel.

Can you tell us about your current release, 'Ghost of a Chance'? How did you come up with the idea for this book?

I really loved the old TV series (and movie) The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. So when I was looking for a fun story to set in the sea islands of South Carolina, I decided this one would be perfect. Who can resist such a sexy bad boy spirit?

Of the books you've written do you have a favorite?

I really love all my books. Some were easier to write than others, and some characters grabbed me more than others right away, but after typing The End, I really loved all of them. However, I must admit, I like Sweet Revenge best of all. The hero, Creole, still just slays me. He's so tough, but so very vulnerable. And so sexy...

Do you have a favorite theme / locale / setting for your books?

I have several favorites. I love Louisiana, and I also love the desert Southwest, where my next 2 books are set (New Mexico). I'm also becoming partial to the sea islands of South Carolina. They are more difficult to capture the essence of, but they are so evocative in real life, I'm going to continue to set books there and hope I get it right.

How long does it take you to write a book?

That varies quite a bit. Some of my books have taken a long time, up to a year even, but some just write themselves. My ideal time would be around 3 months for an Intimate Moments length book.

What is the best thing about being a romance writer?

The fans!!!!!!! Hands down, that's the best part, hearing from people who have loved my books and have somehow been touched by them. That's why I write. The other thing that's great is getting to know such interesting characters, and being able to spend time with them. Weird, I know <G>. After all, they don't really exist. But to me they do ;D.

Do you have any fears about writing?

Not selling the next book! That would be awful.

What are you working on next?

I just turned in my April 2005 book, BLUE JEANS AND A BADGE, which is a spin-off from SINS OF THE FATHER (Philip's story). Next week I'll be starting on REDHAWK'S IRISH WEDDING, which features a Native American hero and Irish heroine, set in New Mexico. I'm excited about this one because it will be a bit more complex than usual, with several interlacing plot-lines.

What books do you enjoy reading? Do you have a favorite?

I really love reading romance! I especially like romantic suspense and sexy historicals. My fave is Linda Howard, and I also love Jane Feather. But there are tons of authors I love out there. Way too many to name.

Any tips about writing?

This is one of those no-brainer things, but it's often the hardest advice to follow: Just write! Don't make excuses. Write every day. Write one page a day and at the end of a year you'll have a book. Then after you've done your one page, read! A good writer reads at least as much as she writes. That's the best way to learn how to do it right. Read, read, read. Then write.

We Really Dig Romance Novels wishes to thank Nina Bruhns for taking the time to answer our questions.

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Bestselling Author Nina Bruhns/Nikita Black
GHOST OF A CHANCE, Silhouette IM #1319, Sept 2004, ISBN 0-373-27389-4
BLUE JEANS AND A BADGE, Silhouette IM, April 2005
MASQUERADE, Silhouette IM, TBA 2005
SWEET SUSPICION, Silhouette IM #1277, Feb 2004, ISBN 0-373-27347-9
SINS OF THE FATHER, Silhouette IM #1209, March 2003, ISBN 0-373-27279-0
*** WINNER 2004 Dorothy Parker Award ***
***'s Top 2 Romantic Suspense novels of 2003 ***
*** RIO's Top Series Recommendation for March 2003 ***
*** 2004 Beacon Award ***
*** 2004 Colorado Award of Excellence ***
SWEET REVENGE, Silhouette Intimate Moments, July 2002, ISBN 0-373-27223-2
*** 2003 Daphne du Maurier Award, overall best Romantic Suspense of 2003***
*** Best Book of the Year 2002, Short Contemp, Romance Reviews Today ***
*** WINNER 2003 Dorothy Parker Award ***
*** WINNER 2002 Lorries ***
WARRIOR'S BRIDE, Silhouette Intimate Moments, May '01, ISBN 0-373-27150-6
*** 4 1/2 stars, RT Reviewer's Top Pick***
*** #6 on the WaldenBooks Bestseller List ***
*** WINNER 2002 Dorothy Parker Award ***
*** WINNER 2002 Aspen Gold ***
CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, Silhouette IM, Feb 2000 ISBN 0-373-07990-7
*** WINNER 2001 National Readers' Choice Award ***
*** WINNER 2001 Daphne du Maurier Award, Best Romantic Suspense of 2000 ***
*** WINNER 2001 Golden Chalice Award ***
*** WINNER 1998 Golden Heart Award ***
CAJUN HOT, w/a Nikita Black, ISBN 1-892520-40-0
*** WINNER 2001 Write Touch Readers Award ***
*** WINNER 2001 Rising Star Award ***
*** WINNER 2001 Dorothy Parker Award ***
THE RENEGADE'S WOMAN, w/a Nikita Black, ISBN 1-892520-18-4
*** # 7 overall Bestselling E-Book for 1999 ***
*** WINNER 2001 Dorothy Parker Award ***

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