Violet by Lauren Royal

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Lauren Royal

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England (H)

by Lauren Royal
ISBN #0-451-20688-6
$6.99 U.S. / $9.99 Can.

"Question convention." It's the Ashcroft family motto - and it's something eldest daughter, Violet, has been doing a lot of lately. For starters, she's decided not to get married - she'd much rather be improving her mind than losing her heart. Especially since most suitors would surely have their eyes on her considerable inheritance or on her ravishing younger sisters - not on her plain face. . .

Violet is convinced her very eligible neighbor, Ford Chase, is no exception. He's handsome, intelligent, even a little bit eccentric - his obsessions with astronomy and constructing a watch are most puzzling indeed! Violet can't deny she's intrigued. But could he ever really - sincerely - be interested in a woman as serious and self-conscious as she?

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