The Perfect Wife

The Perfect Wife by Lynsay Sands

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Lynsay Sands

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by Lynsay Sands
October 2005
ISBN #084395499X
$6.99 U.S. / $8.99 Can.

It was to be hoped that her groom was partial to cherries. For Avelyn feared she would very much resemble one at their wedding feast. Too round, to red in the scarlet gown that was all she could fit into . . . and perhaps too tart for his taste? No doubt he longed for a sweet, biddable bride, one who was as tiny and trim as she was trying to appear.

Paen Gerville longed for a lively, well-rounded woman, one whose plump breast would cushion his head after the lonely, harsh life of a solitary fighting knight. At first his wife-to-be promised no such delights - her form was unbending, her health apparently fragile as she fainted into his arms as their first kiss. But one split bridal gown later, her assets were eye-poppingly apparent and Paen could only grin as he anticipated the surprises yet to come on his wedding night with . . .


   Because We Really Dig Romance Novels agrees with Lynsay Sands we had to quote her
" Have you ever noticed that heroines are always svelte, beautiful creatures, perfect at everything? If we went by the romance books, us less perfect girls may as well just give up on ever finding that special someone to love and to love us because we don't seem to have a chance. Well, nuts to that! Avelyn isn't perfect. In fact, she's plump and about as happy about it as the rest of us are with our flaws. In other words, she isn't. Fortunately for her, Paen is a true hero, and thinks she's perfect just the way she is. Don't you just love him already? "
   Quote taken from Lynsay Sands website


The Examination

    Avelyn glanced toward Paen and realized that she had been so consumed with worry at the "being naked in front of everyone" part, that she had not allowed her mind to continue on past that. Now, it struck her that it was time for the bedding. She tried to swallow, but there was nothing to swallow. Her mouth was dry as dust. She was also having trouble breathing again, although she was most definitely unbound now.
    Avelyn's mother had explained had explained all that would happen this night, as a good mother should. It hadn't sounded terribly attractive or dignified, but her mother had assured her it would be fine. Avelyn found that hard to believe at the moment as her husband shifted to lean over her cringing figure. Her thoughts died abruptly as lips pressing tighter together as his mouth drifted over hers. She was still and uncertain as to wherher she liked the caress. Before she could make up her mind, she felt his hand on her breast through the linen and give a start of surprise. She opened her mouth on a protest and found it suddenly filled. Avelyn was pretty sire it was his tongue, though she had no idea why he would put it inside her mouth . . . Unless he was checking to see that she had all her teeth.

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