The Midnight Marriage

The Midnight Marriage by Lucinda Brant

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Lucinda Brant

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England (H)

by Lucinda Brant
New Concepts Publishing
ISBN 1586083953
Cover Artist - Jenny Dixon

Bath and Paris: 1770

Twelve year old Deborah Cavendish is married off at midnight to the fifteen year old son and heir of the sinister Duke of Roxton, who is then exiled thereafter for an unpardonable indiscretion.

Nine years later,

Deb is living a peaceful existence in the spa town of Bath, unaware that the disturbing dream she had as a child is in truth reality and that she is married to Julian, Marquis of Alston. When Deb rescues, and falls in love with, a wounded duelist she has no idea that Julian Hesham, the handsome stranger with the emerald green eyes who sweeps her off her feet, is in truth her husband.

After the honeymoon Deb discovers the appalling truth and that the Marquis of Alston is wanted by the French authorities for seducing  the innocent daughter of a Farmer-General with the promise of marriage.

But can the handsome stranger with whom Deb spent nine wonderful weeks truly be one and the same as the nobleman Polite Society has branded a rakehell beyond redemption...

A wonderful Georgian Historical in which you can watch and feel the love of two people. Thank you Ms. Brant for sending We Really Dig Romance Novels 'The Midnight Marriage' to review.

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