The Captain's Caress

The Captain's Caress by Leigh Greenwood

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Leigh Greenwood

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England (H)

by Leigh Greenwood
ISBN 0-8217-2321-9
$3.75 U.S. / $4.95 Can.

Bitter Fate

Summer Ashton almost welcomed the news of the pirates boarding the Sea Otter. Anything would be better than joining the old man she'd been forced to wed by proxy - even death at the point of a sword. But as the handsome pirate captain undressed her with his flashing sapphire eyes, she began to tremble with new fears . . . and new desires. For she sensed a fury in this man she did not understand . . . and passions she knew she could not control.

Sweet Vengeance

Brent Douglas couldn't believe he'd been lucky enough to capture the bride of his most hated enemy. Fate had finally given him the perfect opportunity for revenge. How much would the old earl enjoy his new wife knowing Brent had beaten him to the marriage bed? By the time Brent was through with the beautiful young countess, he'd know every inch of her luscious flesh, have tasted the sweetness of her first kiss. . . and have ruined her for any other man. For she'd spend the rest of her days yearning for one more night filled with the savage ecstasy of

The Captain's Caress

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