The Bride's Portion

The Bride's Portion by Susan Paul

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England (H)

by Susan Paul
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-28866-2
$4.50 U.S. / $4.99 Can.

The Daughter of His Enemy

Lillis of Wellewyn was the most beautiful woman Alexander had ever seen. A bride out of legend. Yet never could he claim her as his own, for he had vowed to let her go when the last of his people were free from her father's tyranny.

Alexander Baldwin was known as an honorable knight, yet to Lillis he was nothing more than a bully who had married her for her dowered lands. A man who had not only made her his prisoner, but had slowly, and ruthlessly, stolen her heart.


"You do not believe me," Alexander stated.
    "I do not know how to do so," Lillis replied.
    Fury surged through him - hot, deep, encompassing. He was the lord of Gyer. His word was sacred. It had never been questioned.
    "You will learn it." Alexander seethed, beyond knowing what he spoke.
    Lillis gazed at him as if he were some poor idiot, as if she pitied him.
    "I shall see you at the evening meal," he said curtly, moving toward the door.
    "I'll not come for the evening meal," she declared. "I will eat in my chamber. Let your cousin play lady for you."
    "You will come down to table of your own free will," he said, "or I shall come and fetch you. Ether way, you will sit in your place as Lady Gyer. Believe me, madam wife, you will . . ."

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