Strathmere's Bride

Strathmere's Bride by Jacqueline Navin

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Jacqueline Navin

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England (H)

by Jacqueline Navin
Harlequin Historical
ISBN 0-373-29079-9
$4.99 U.S. / $5.99 Can.

What sort of governess couldn't govern herself?

One who had the enigmatic Duke of Strathmere for an employer, Chloe Pesserat reflected wryly. The man drew her in with a private passion, then shut her out with a noble hauteur when propriety demanded. But what could be done about the decidedly improper feelings she knew they shared?

Jareth Hunt feared the ancient Strathmere title would consume him. Hadn't its rigid demands already left his life forever changed? And now, ironically, he was confronted daily with Chloe Pesserat, an ungovernable governess who, no doubt, could school him well in lessons of the heart!

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