Stealing Heaven

Stealing Heaven by Jaclyn Reding

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Jaclyn Reding

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England (H)

by Jaclyn Reding
Topaz Historical Romance
ISBN 0-451-40649-4
$5.99 US / $6.99 Can.

Abducted by greed

Torn from her bed by an unknown abductor, heiress Gillian Forrester found herself on the way to Gretna Green and a forced marriage with a wastrel she despised. If she must choose between her life or her innocence, she would risk disaster itself to escape... and she did, only to lie unconscious on a country road, waiting for death, or for a rescuer.

Rescued by love

Dante Tremaine, the "Rakehell Earl" of Morgan, was on the way to his ancestral home when he found an injured young woman-- and his destiny. The exquisite beauty had no memory of her identity, and any gentleman would scour the earth to find her family. But Dante was no gentleman, just a lord who wanted his lady. Was there honor in this rakehell earl. . . or just dangerous desire? Now, Gillian was at his mercy and at the mercy of a passion so towering it could easily rival heaven...

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