Splendid by Julia Quinn

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Julia Quinn

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England (H)

by Julia Quinn
ISBN #0-380-78074-7
$6.99 U.S. / $9.99 Can.

There are two things everyone knows about Alexander Ridgely. One, he's the Duke of Ashbourne. And two, he has no plans to marry anytime soon . . .

That is until a redheaded American throws herself in front of a carriage to save his young nephew's life. She's everything Alex never thought a woman could be - smart and funny, principled and brave. But she's a servant, completely unsuitable fore highborn duke - unless, perhaps, she's not quite what she seems . . .

American heiress Emma Dunster might be surrounded by Englishmen, but that doesn't mean she intends to marry one - even if she has agreed to participate in one London Season. When she slipped out of her cousins' home, dressed as a kitchen maid, all she wanted was one last taste of anonymity before her debut. She never dreamed she'd find herself in the arms of a dangerously handsome duke . . . or that he'd be quite so upset when he discovered her true identity. But true love tends to blossom just when one least expects it, and passion can melt even the most stubborn of hearts.


    Emma gasped in horror. A hired hack was barreling down the street, and the driver was completely engrossed in conversation with the man sitting next to him, not paying the least bit of attention to the road. The little boy, Charlie, would be trampled underneath the horses' hooves.
    Emma screamed. She didn't stop to think as she dropped the eggs and raced into the street. When she was but a few feet away from the boy, she made a headfirst dive through the air. If she had enough momentum, she prayed, she'd knock them both out of the way before they were run over by the hack.
    Charlie yelped, not understanding why a strange woman had jumped at him, slamming herself into his side.
    Just before Emma hit the ground, she heard more screams.
    And then there was only darkness.

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