Shadow of the Past

Shadow of the Past by Nickie Fleming

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Nickie Fleming

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England (H)

by Nickie Fleming
ISBN #193133578-8

"Shadow of the Past" in an historical romance set in 17th Century England. It centers around Sarah, a country lass, and Richard, an Earl's brother.

When Sarah's mother dies, she discovers her real father is not an innkeeper, but a Cavalier knight, named Charles Davenport. From then on, Sarah yearns for the father she never knew.

When she comes of age, she goes to work at Linfield Grange the manor house in her neighborhood. The Earl is very friendly to her and recognizes Sarah is not an ordinary country girl. The Earl's brother, Richard, comes for a visit and during a romantic night, he seduces her.

Sarah runs away to London, unable to beat the thought of becoming the mother of a bastard. At first she works in a tavern, but over time becomes a famous actress. She is such a success that the King becomes interested in her. But, neither the plague nor the Great Fire of London can keep her from her destiny with Richard.

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