My Lady's Honor

My Lady's Honor by Julia Justiss

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England (H)

by Julia Justiss
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-29229-5
$5.25 U.S. / $6.25 Can.

Proper Society Maiden . . . Or Brazen Adventuress?

Upon meeting the young lady who'd bedazzled his best friend, Gilen de Mowbry was surprised to find her hauntingly familiar. But surely this demure ton miss couldn't be the violet-eyed Gypsy who had danced for him in the firelight - and still taunted his dreams . . .

Desperate to save herself and her brother from her odious cousin's schemes, Gwennor Southford spirited him away by night - in a Gypsy caravan! Now they were in her aunt's care, and only one thing stood between her and the safe haven of a proper marriage - one unforgettable evening with Gilen de Mowbry . . .


    "You miserable arrogant excuse for a gentleman," she all but snarled, punctuating her epithet with another swipe from the whip.
    Gilen dodged the whirling thong and backed away, his initial astonishment giving way to incredulous delight. By heaven, she was magnificent! This girl still garbed like a proper ton maiden had changed before his eyes from demure virgin into the passionate creature who had told his fortune, teased his wits and tantalized him with a dance.
    "You find this amusing?" she choked out. And lashed the whip at him again.
    He ducked as the leather tip nearly caught his left ear. "If you can't control yourself, I'll have to disarm you."
    Ah, that she might compel him to do it! With her body bound closely to his was exactly where this astonishing, intoxicating, intemperate vixen belonged.
    He couldn't wait to see how her passionate nature played out in his bed . . . !

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