In the Prince's Bed

In the Prince's Bed by Sabrina Jeffries

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Sabrina Jeffries

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England (H)

by Sabrina Jeffries
August 2004
ISBN 0743477707
$6.99 US
Cover and Stepback illustration by Alan Ayers

His kisses ignite her passion . . . Her passion sparks his love

Miss Katherine Merivale is desperate to make a respectable match - if only her childhood sweetheart would propose! Until he does, she can't touch the fortune she's inherited. So the last thing she needs is notorious rogue Alec Black putting her proposed marriage at risk with his distracting, smoldering gaze and moonlit kisses.

Alec, the Earl of Iversley - and one of three bastard sons of the Prince of Wales - is secretly searching for an heiress bride to pay his debts. Fiery Katherine seems the answer to his prayers, and her passionate response to his practiced seduction soon assured him that she is his. But Alec knows Katherine is looking for a love-match, and he wonders . . . what will happen when she discovers his deception?

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