For Love Alone

For Love Alone by Barbara Leigh

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Barbara Leigh

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England (H)

by Barbara Leigh
Harlequin Historical
ISBN #0-373-28854-9
$3.99 U.S. / $4.50 Can.

Of Noble Heart

Convent-reared and innocent. With a beauty eclipsing legend. So Mistress Bess appeared in the eyes of Griffith Beaufort, cousin to Henry VIII. The gentle woman risked much on his behalf. And for her, her would dare the unthinkable. He would defy his king!

Griffith Beaufort was the most princely man Bess had ever beheld. The very air about him crackled with forbidden secrets, and wisdom warned her this noble lord was not for such as she. But her passionate heart refused to listen...!


Bess managed to twist fee of the hand that covered her mouth and screamed again, the sound merging with the stormy night.

    "Griffith, Griffith." Her piteous cries caught the wind and soared above the storm, and, in answer, a figure appeared at the edge of the clearing.
    The men fell back, for indeed it was Griffith Beaufort who stood before them. Griffith - or an ancient god of war invoked by the plight of this hapless maiden. In his haste to answer the screams, Griffith had snatched up sword and shield and, clad only in his small clothes, his cloak whipping out behind him, now stood like a god of vengeance. The wildly whipping firelight and the screams of the wind joined with his battle cry as he unleashed the fury of his mighty sword, casting men about as though they were leaves, defenseless against the storm of his anger . . .

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