Devil's Angel

Devil's Angel by Marlene Susan

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Marlene Suson

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by Marlene Suson
ISBN #0-380-77613-8
$4.50 U.S. / $5.50 Can.

A Hellish Plot

by rights, she is mistress of Belle Haven. But sheltered and innocent Angel Winter has been robbed of her inheritance by ruthless relatives, whose heartless schemes have lured her into the bed of dangerous and powerful "Lord Lucifer." And in a single scandalous moment, their destiny is sealed

A Heavenly Passion

Reviled for his dark, Lord Lucian, Earl of Vayle, has long struggled to vindicate himself. But on the eve of success, he is thwarted by vile treachery and forced to wed an exasperating enchantress who poses a far greater challenge to "Lord Lucifer" than the enemies gathering to destroy him. For she threatens to melt his cynical, frozen heart with the heat of her passion... and the blazing, glorious fire of her love.


    "Explain this outrage, Vayle."
    "I could not begin to try. I have no idea how this female" - he glared so contemptuously at Angel that her soul seemed to shrivel - "got into my bed."
    Dear God, could he be right? For the first time, Angel noticed that the bed hangings were beige tapestry, not the green silk of the bed she had gone to sleep in. Was she in his bed? Certainly she was not in her own.
    His voice was ominous. "Come, my angel from Hell, why don't you tell me and our audience how you happen to be in my bed?"
    "I do not know."

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