Defy Not The Heart

Defy Not The Heart by Johanna Lindsey

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Johanna Lindsey

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England (H)

by Johanna Lindsey
ISBN #0-380-75299-9
$4.50 U.S. / $5.50 Can.
Series - Shefford


Reina's cerulean eyes blazed with scorn as they fell upon the golden giant of a man before her. This was the knight Ranulf, her kidnapper, who was pledged to deliver her into the worst kind of bondage - marriage to the craven Lord Rothwell.

But Reina was no acquiescent girl to accept fate's whim. To save herself from the union being forced upon her, she offered Ranulf a bargain: Become my husband yourself. In exchange for your protection, I will make you a great lord.

The nuptial bed was not part of the bargain. And the haughty Ranulf soon made it clear that he would accept no marriage of convenience: Come to me of you own free will - or I will take you!


    "You silly boy, what did you think you could do? Do I look as if I suffered from my little adventure? I was in no danger, which you should have realized. I am too valuable to kill until after I am wed."
    "How could I know that when 'twas him who took you?" he demanded.
    "Well as to that he is not so terrible after all. He brought me back, did he not?"
    "Aye, but wed to him," Theo groaned.
    "How did you know that?"
    The boys eyes turned into perfect circles. "I was but jesting!"
    "But I am not."

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