A Fire in The Heart

A Fire in The Heart by Katherine Sutcliffe

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Katherine Sutcliffe

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England (H)

by Katherine Sutcliffe
ISBN #0-727-84162-9
$4.50 U.S. / $5.50 Can.

A Rebellious Waif... A Brooding Earl

She fled the horrors of a British workhouse, seeking refuge with the dark, moody aristocrat. Begrudgingly he sheltered her, fighting the fascination of her saucy innocence. But never did he imagine that the filthy urchin could be transformed into a bewitching beauty - a sparkling jewel that would tempt him beyond endurance... forcing his surrender to the exquisite torment of a love that denied all reason...


    Frozen, she watched him, her eyes dark with turmoil, her mouth full and red from his kiss.
    Very slowly he took off his shirt.
    Bonnie felt her knees grow week. In the early hours of morning, awakened by her dreams, she had lain in bed and imagined what loving him would be like, but her imagination had never aroused these feelings inside her. They were unsettling, slowly stripping away rationality, possessing her body with uncomfortable yearnings. In truth, she didn't feel like Bonnie Eden. She felt as if some hot-blooded, restless animal had taken over her body . . .

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