A Dangerous Longing

A Dangerous Longing by Veronica Sattler

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Veronica Sattler

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England (H)

by Veronica Sattler
St. Martin's
ISBN #0-312-92337-6
$4.95 U.S. / $5.95 Can.

She had sailed to the island seeking peace...

Ariana Belmont had come to La Concha with her father, determined to escape the rigidity of their native England - as well as the memory of terror on a dark London highway so many years ago.

He had sailed seeking revenge...

Sean O'Hara had sworn to avenge the brother he lost that fateful night of plunder. But he hadn't counted on a lithe and tempting beauty coming between him and his deadly intent. Soon Sean's heat burned with a gentler passion - and a deeper desire. When Ariana is forced against her will to return the England, Sean's true enemy is revealed: a cruel scheme that threatens to tear away his newfound love forever...


    The sweet promise of relentless passion

    Again and again they kissed, their mouths criss-crossing, savoring, alive with the aching need that had caught them unawares. They clung together until their fervor made them breathless, and they had to pause for air.
    Ariana opened her lips to speak, but Sean's mouth found them again. His lips were gentler now, the kiss a tender promise of the things that might pass between them. Slowly, with infinite care, he urged her lips apart, and then his tongue sought entrance.
    A searing shaft of pleasure shot through Ariana, and she moaned, dimly conscious of a new, overpowering need.
    "Sean!" she cried, tearing her lips from his. "Sean . . ."
    But Sean already knew, for her body's responses were like kindling thrown upon a fire, urging him on, burning them both with a white-hot passion that was beyond anything they'd ever known . . .

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